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Mridul Sen

Freelance Character Modeler and Designer for Gaming and Animation


Currently working as a full time Freelance Character Modeler Designer for leading Gaming Studio from last 3 years and building amazing Characters for a world famous all time superhit multiplayer Game.

Simultaneously working with a leading Animation studio to sculpt and model amazing characters for their upcoming series.

Prior was working as a Lead Modeler for the Netflix feature "Wish Dragon" and before that
worked as a Lead Modeling Artist at Dreamworks India for 6 years. In this period I have got some opportunity to work in few Dreamworks features like "Trolls, Peabody and Sherman, Penguins of
Madagascar and Larrikins (shelved)".

Started my career on 2005 as a Gaming Texturing Artist and on later stage as a Lead Texturing Artist for 5+ years in 3 different companies.

Details of the ongoing All time one of the most played superhit Game and Animation Characters for upcoming series I'm working  will be published soon ...... :)

Dreamworks Movies I have Worked as a Senior Modeler and Lead Modeler

1. Larrikins  ( Shelved )        IMDB
2. Trolls                                 IMDB
3. Mr. Peabody & Sherman  IMDB

4. Penguins of Madagaskar  IMDB

Wish   Dragon I worked as a Lead Modeler

Achievements and Publications

Top Row Zbrushcentral and Artstation Picks "Ilesha and Axa" artwork - April 2018

Click here for the Link

Top Row in Zbrushcentral and Excellence Award in 3Dtotal "Tarzan" artwork - April 2018

Click here for the Link

Legend Of Awesomeness Award from Dreamworks India October 2016

Received Awesomeness Award for establishing Zbrush workflow for Modeling in “Larrikins”, which has been cost-effective for the whole pipeline. Also for setting the quality level high for many assets which has became benchmark for the show.

Excellence Award in 3Dtotal "The Final Call" artwork - August 2016

Click here for the Link

Top Row in Zbrushcentral "The Final Call" artwork - August 2016

Click here for the Link

Winner in "Autodesk Mudbox Sculpting Challenge" - December 2012


Making of Queen of Death - published in CGArena and CGTantra - May 2013

Click Here for the Tutorial

"Faun Goat" artwork been published in "D'Artiste Character
Modeling 3" of Ballistic
December 2009

2nd Place - On Spot Speed Sculpting Competition @ABAI Fest - May 2016

"Best Character Model Award" from Cgtantra - May 2010

1st Position for "Insectodroid" Challenge - August 2009

Special Jury Award in "Femme Fatale" Sculpting Challenge - November 2009

Runner-up in "Starcraft Fanart Modeling Challenge" - October 2010

"3D World Magazine" published my artwork "Queen of Death" - April 2013

Artwork "Moses" been selected for Top Row in Cgtantra - May 2013

Best Gaming Texturing Artist Award in Data Quest - June 2006